Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge, Pool Party!

Hey guys! Back with post 3 of the Neverland Nail Blog's summer fun challenge! This time it's pool party! This had a few idea running through my mind, of course the first being the water, but since I didn't think I could do it, and then Michelle from Sonoma Nail Art did some water like I planned so I changed it up again!!

Since I just went through all of my polish this weekend (those of you that have liked my FB page probably already knew that) I had all my colors separated out on my table which made it easy to find blues that I was interested in using. My original plan was to do a yellow polka dot bikini, a duck floatie, and a beach ball on the blues...but once again changed my mind!

I used China Glaze custom kicks, Finger Paints blue raspberry taffy and Deborah Lippmann let's hear it for the boy, as well as a generic white to do a water marble and boy oh boy am I happy with it! I then used the same white, Zoya Meg, Kimber and Carly on the beach ball. I at first didn't have it outlined and me thinking "oh let's try and make it better!" didn't improve it lol...it looked better without the black outline but I think you can still tell what it is!

Onto the pics! Sorry about the lack of my light box, there is still polish all over my nail table!

What do you guys think?

Until next time! Happy painting!

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  1. I love the water marble, I've been too chicken to try it out myself xo

  2. Love! I suck at water marble, this is really lovely.

  3. the marble looks just like waves at the beach!!

  4. I'm too lazy/afraid of screwing up to try water marbling myself, but yours is SO gorgeous!


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