Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kleancolor holo blue and orange :)

It's that time of the week again, school spirit time! So blue and orange it is :)

This week I used Kleancolor holo blue, and Kleancolor holo orange, both of these btw are in my current giveaway here ;) They are a jelly base with scattered holo through out, they were really thick but imo not hard to work with.

I've only been able to do my nails at night recently with my adorable little man and school, so I'm sorry there aren't as many sun pictures!

Just like yesterday's post, wth is with the yellow all over that I can't see until I take a picture? haha!! I showered, scrubbed my fingers with acetone after taking the yellow polish off, then washed them and used my mani brush and it's still there! **grr face** oh well! You can still see the polish, just please ignore the yellow lol

I did a blurry picture again so you could see the holo :)

What do you think?

Until next time! Happy painting :D

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Need a highlighter? I've got one!

Hey readers! Sorry it's been a few days since I posted! I actually really enjoyed my galaxy mani so much I left it on for Sunday night, Monday, and up until like 9 tonight! **shock** and I've also been super busy with school, so after dinner tonight I got around to redoing my nails :)

Being in classes again inspired me! I looked though my untired and was like "hmm this yellow looks just like a highlighter!!" and I had my plan!

I totally forgot to do a white base first (for those of you that don't know it helps out a lot with neon colors) so it took three coats of Kleancolor neon yellow to get the color I wanted, then I topped it with OPI DS shimmer, I love it! I'm not big on yellow but this is in your face bright and is soo me!

So my cleanup is getting really good right? Until I took these pictuers I thought I did a badasses job haha too bad there is residue on my fingers! guess I know what I'm doing after I post this :P **runs off to clean off residue**

Other than yellow being on my fingers *lol* what do you think of the color?

Until next time! Happy painting :D

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Galaxy Nails are out of this world!

Hey guys :) This weeks challenge with PaA was galaxy nails, I wasn't planning on doing it at first, then I got inspired by this picture, beautiful right? and so after dinner, and during the VMAs I did my mani :)

It really isn't very hard, it's just a lot of steps! You need all the polishes you plan on working with, a nail art brush/toothpick and a cosmetic sponge and you are set!

I used a bunch of different colors, my base is Sinful Colors whats your name (it's black with a purple/blue very tiny glass fleck in it) then I sponged on Finger Paints paper mache, then sponged on Kleancolor lavenbaby, then sponged on Kleancolor catch me, more sponging with Funky Fingers melted popsicle, then I used my nail art brush with Orly star of bombay to help clean up the swirled galaxys on my ring fingers, then I used a nail art brush to add "stars" some big and some small on each finger, I then used some OPI DS shimmer in certain areas to give a little glitz, and added a little bit of Sally Hansen x-treme wear disco ball in certain areas too. Finished all off with a coat of SV and I was done! It took me a little over an hour total, but I am in LOVE with the finished product!!

Close up of the Sinful Colors, you can't see the purple in the picture but it's there :)

I blurred the second picture so you could see the holographic effect from the glitter and the OPI DS shimmer, I am seriously in love!! It came out way better than I had expected and I'm going to keep it on as long as I can before going insane ;)

What do you think of it?

Until next time! Happy painting! :D

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Since so many of you have commented...

About the star tattoo on my left wrist, I figured I would just show all of the ones I have :)

They are in order from oldest to newest.

Every single one of them has meaning to me. The stars on my hips say "beautiful woman", I don't regret them, but they weren't done professionally and now since having a child they look even worse lol. The very last one, my koi fish is part new part old, the bottom fish was there along with some of the waves and a cherry blossom, but it also had the date my ex husband and I got married under it :/ So I recently had that part covered and the new fish, flowers and waves added on, it's beautiful!

If you have any questions about them, let me know :)

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OPI DS passion, so pretty!

Hey readers :) I have another holo for you today! This was my last nail mail from last week, OPI DS passion, it's kind of a mauve color with the holo of course ;)

I did it last night and couldn't wait to see it in the sun today!

Isn't it pretty? It's not my third DS polish for now anyway ;) and the is the first I have worn any of them. Only thing I was a little disappointed in was that it didn't dry fast like the ChG holos, but oh well :P

What do you think of it?

Until next time! Happy painting :)

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Friday, August 26, 2011

China Glaze BFF, more holo yummyness!

I had some requests to swatch my China Glaze BFF that I just received in the past week, so I did it today :)

Last night I did a dry marble with BFF, TTYL, FYI, DV8 and QT but I went to bed early and didn't change my nails up last night, so today I figured I would try the marble out on one finger, and I'm glad I only did it on one! Since the holo polish has a different formula it was much more brittle and hard to work with as a dry marble.

So I did BFF on all of my nails and on my ring finger I have the marble, I love how it turned out! What do you think?

I also got my last nail mail package (that I know about anyway lol) from Ginger, DS Passion! I now own three of the DS line and I have yet to wear any of them, probably because I just got them all this week :P But I will! and soon, I promise! :D

Until next time readers! Happy painting :)

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thank you! and more nail mail :D

Hey readers! I just wanted to send out a quick thank to you all my new followers, and to all of those that have entered the giveaway! I appreciate the love! :D

So this week has been amazing as far as nail mail goes! And I'm even still waiting on one more, then it will probably stop for a good while!

Yesterday along with my Birchbox I also got all the Kleancolors that I ordered for myself, as well as the ones for the giveaway so I thought I would share pictures :)

Today I got nail mail from the amazing Traci and one of my besties Jessica :D

Here is today's nail mail, I recieved OPI DS shimmer (see how much Jess loves me!?) and Hard Candy beetle from her, so I guess we are engaged now huh? ha ;) And from Traci I recieved Funky Fingers melted popsicle and favorite girl, and OPI merryberry mauve. :)

I don't have the names handy right off the bat for the Kleancolors, because well...they are all over a table in my family room waiting for me to make nail sticks out of them, so if you are interested in one, just ask me the color and I'll let you know!

Until next time! Happy painting :D

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dry water marble!

There has been a lot of talk in two FB groups I belong to about this dry water marble tutorial, so I checked it out and decided to try my hand at it tonight.

Wayyy easier than I thought it would be!!!

Crappy cell phone picture again, I'm sorry! So this was right after I finished playing in the polish with a toothpick :)

The dark blue is China Glaze first mate, shimmery orange is Sinful Colors cloud 9, lighter blue is Dr.'s Remedy bold baby blue, and the bright orange is China Glaze papaya punch.

For all of my new readers, orange and blue are my school colors :) I am president of AGS (alpha gamma sigma), the honor society at my school this semester, and since our meetings are on Thursdays, I'm going to start doing school colors for them :) Last week I did this :)

So here is how it turned out, it was so easy! I just did a clear base coat, let it mostly dry applied the dry water marbling in pieces, used the edge of my other finger nails to get the excess off, topped it with SV, and cleaned it up with pure acetone and a nail art brush. I love how it turned out!

How do you think it turned out? Have you tried this method before?

Until next time! Happy painting!
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My first giveaway!!! **CLOSED**

Hey readers! Guess what time it is? Giveaway time!! I've been talking about having one for a while, and now I have enough stuff together for one :) I plan on doing another when I hit my next milestone, and that one will hopefully be much bigger! All prizes are brand new and have never been used, and bought with my own money.

Prize number one, Finger Paints groovy green, Sinful Colors innocent, Sinful Colors I love you, Sinful Colors purple diamond, Sinful Colors forget now, Sinful Colors pinky glitter, .5 oz Mango Mend and a multi-colored rhinestone wheel with 1800 pieces in it.

Prize number two, China Glaze electric pineapple, Kleancolor Holo yellow, Kleancolor holo orange, Kleancolor holo green, Kleancolor holo blue, Kleancolor holo pink, .5oz Mango Mend and a multi-colored rhinestone wheel with 1800 pieces in it.

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August Birchbox!

Holy crap! I finally got my Aug. Birchbox! It took forever :P Why you ask? Well I changed my address with them before they sent it, but they still sent it to the old address sooo it had to be re-routed and it took a very long time :P

So this month I received

Be Fine- food skin care, exfoliating cleanser with brown sugar, sweet almond, and oats.

Be Fine- food skin care, night cream with cocoa, millet and rice bran

Blinc mascara

Kate Spade Twirl parfum

Lift Lab skin regeneration (I'm not sure what this is lol)

have any of you used any of these products? what do you think of them?

Until next time!
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Nfu-Oh 63 **drool**

Hey guys :) I just couldn't wait to post about this!! Nfu-Oh 63 is gorgeous!!! I put it on last night, and couldn't wait to see it in the sun this morning :D

This is without the aqua base too!

Both pics are from my cell phone, sorry about that, but you can still see how beautiful it is!! First picture was outside this morning, and second was inside with no flash last night :)

what do you think? I think I'm in love!!

Until next time, happy painting!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MORE holo nail mail!!

If I continued to get nail mail the way I have the past two days, I would be a happy girl!!

Today my very first Nfu-Oh polishes came in!! I ordered 61 & 63 (two of each because one of each is going to Jessica) they are both soo pretty! I'm really excited I was able to order 61 before they ran out....again lol. I ordered them on

Now I'm in a world of confusion! With so many new holo beauties, which do I wear first!?

Happy painting!

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China Glaze DV8. holo goodness!

Yay for holo polish! I got this beautiful blue baby in the mail yesterday from one of my best friends, isn't she awesome!? And the girls at Face and Friends voted for me to swatch this one first :) I put it on last night, but there was no point taking pictures inside so I waiting until this afternoon to use the California sun to show how pretty the polish is!

This is only the second holo I have worn, the other was China Glaze FYI which also belongs in this same collection. Other than the fact that holo polish is sooo pretty, it also seems to dry super quick! Which of course I love!

Onto the pictures, anddd commence drooling!

Gorgeous right? It would be a little bit more holo but I used SV over it which dulled it down just a bit.

So what do you think? Do you have any colors from this collection? Which one is your favorite?

Until next time! Happy painting :D

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