Friday, August 19, 2011

Lots of stuff in this post! Hauls, giveaways and swatches! Oh my!

Hey lovely readers! I'm sorry I'm not posting as much as I was before, but as most of you know, fall semester has started. Only a week in and I'm already swamped!! It's okay, I'll kick ass and take names this semester just like all the others ;)

So those of you that have Walgreens near you, hit it up before tomorrow night!! They have all Sinful Colors polish on sale for 99 cent each! They are normally only $1.99 but $1 off per bottle, what polish-aholic could resist?! I went by last night and bought 29 bottles O.o now now...not ALL are for me! Four were for my boyfriends cousin who watches our little man while I'm in class, 5 are going into my giveaway, and the other 20 are for me lol. I also ordered Nfu-Oh 61 & 63 yesterday!! They got shipped today and I am uber excited about getting them! I order from beauty joint too lol...38 polishes total (all Kleancolors), 8 for my good friend Jessica (she is also getting a Nfu-oh 61 & 63, man I'm a good friend!) 2 for Ashley, and 5 for my giveaway, figure out whatever number is left and that's how many are for me lol. Then last but not least I went to Sally today and got my Seche Vite base and top coats, nail wheels so I can make some nail popsicle sticks (check them out here) acetone and cutical remover. Phew!!!

Now onto the swatch!!! I had my old man pick out the color last night, out of all the Sinful Colors I bought. He chose let's talk. It's a deep beautiful purple that is next to impossible to capture on camera. It looks blue in the picture but it's really not! I added some colored rhinestones to my ring finger in the shape of a flower for a little bling :)

Oh and how do you think I'm doing on my cleanup? I'm getting much better :D

What colors did I get you ask? Well I'll show ya! I won't list all the colors since there are so many, but if you want to know one of the names, email me (email is in my contact tab) or leave me a comment here and look for a reply :)

and last but not least, this will be part of my giveaway :D I plan on doing it close to the end of the month, that way I can get some more stuff together for it :)

That's all for tonight kids! Until next time! Happy painting!

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  1. You are a GREAT friend :) I'm super excited about my 1st Nfu Oh's & the Kleancolors! Your doing a great job with the clean up & holy moly at all the new polish!

    I can't wait to see your swatch sticks...That is a really fun idea!

  2. this is a sweet haul! and i see a cute tat peeing out! :}

  3. OOPS i meant to say peeking lol


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