Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MORE holo nail mail!!

If I continued to get nail mail the way I have the past two days, I would be a happy girl!!

Today my very first Nfu-Oh polishes came in!! I ordered 61 & 63 (two of each because one of each is going to Jessica) they are both soo pretty! I'm really excited I was able to order 61 before they ran out....again lol. I ordered them on fabuloustreet.com

Now I'm in a world of confusion! With so many new holo beauties, which do I wear first!?

Happy painting!

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  1. soo pretty, i was wondering what does their shipping run?

  2. Felicia on orders of $25 or more it's free :) So if you only buy one polish I have no idea :P

  3. I love these polishes!! Want the pink ones:D Swatch them first:D


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