Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lots of pictures of untried polishes!!

Okay so as I told all of you earlier, I'm going to post pictures of the manis I did while I had no internet. I actually did a few more that I didn't take pictures of **for shame!!** but this is most of them.

Once again I'm sorry that my camera sucks so much, I can put it out of its misery in about another week or two!

So I tried to pick just one picture from each one to show colors :)

Alright so to start us off we have Orly fantasea with OPI silver crackle over it, this was a super pretty combo! I didn't really care for the way the Orly looked on it's own (I know I know...) so that's why I added the crackle.

Thanks to my friend Jess I am in LOVE with this!! I thought it was going to be a dupe for my ChG awaken and boy was I wrong!!! This is OPI lucerne-tainly look marverlous, in the sun you can see small flecks of different color, I love love love it! (it's what I have on today ;) )

I'm sorry this pic is so horrible, I did them at night and was so excited about the color I took the pic before cleanup! Thanks to my very first trade from Alyssa I recieved Gosh gasoline! It is sooo pretty! There is even some blue to it! It did take three coats to get it this dark so that was a draw back, and also the reason I didn't have a sunlight picture of it lol...they got messed up quick so it came off quick :P

So here I used Sinful Colors love nails as a base and put Sally Hansen HD spectrum over it, the picture does not give it justice at all! It was beautiful :D

So this was my boyfriends pick, not too horrible but a little dark for my liking for summer time. We have Finger Paints scenery greenery with Kleancolor chunky holo bluebell over it. Now I did have a picture in the sun, but in outside natural light you were able to see the glitter better, it wasn't quite holo over top of the green but it was still pretty.

Once again thanks to my good friend Jess for sending me this! (I also got the silver!) Milani 513 digital, so so pretty! need I say more?

HORRIBLE picture, but it was the only one I could get the true color to show with! This was the first time I tried a Zoya, this is jo :) she is a beautiful blue!! and I added some little nail art stars on my ring fingers :)

I love pink! and this one is really pretty! This is China Glaze strawberry fields, it has a bit of a golden sheen in the pink (which is hard to capture on camera, trust me I tried and failed miserably lol) and is perfect for summer! I kicked it up a notch on my ring fingers by adding China Glaze fairy dust :)

And that's all the pictures I have for now!

Thanks for checking out all the pictures, let me know what you think!

Happy to be back :)

Happy painting!

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  1. love it glad u found something to fill the time I would of cried

  2. @Jen yea it sucked a little lol...good thing I have a 14 month old to keep me entertained and lots of dvds!

  3. I have fantasea + lucernetainly look marvelous in my untried pile (or... drawer.. hahaha). i love both of them!!

  4. Glad you got your internet back! You did some great mani's!
    I tagged you for an award in my blog post!

  5. Yay! Glad you like what I sent :) I loooooove the GOSH (as you already know :P) I also love the colors Dave picked out for you. I *need* that kleancolor! lol


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