Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thank you! and more nail mail :D

Hey readers! I just wanted to send out a quick thank to you all my new followers, and to all of those that have entered the giveaway! I appreciate the love! :D

So this week has been amazing as far as nail mail goes! And I'm even still waiting on one more, then it will probably stop for a good while!

Yesterday along with my Birchbox I also got all the Kleancolors that I ordered for myself, as well as the ones for the giveaway so I thought I would share pictures :)

Today I got nail mail from the amazing Traci and one of my besties Jessica :D

Here is today's nail mail, I recieved OPI DS shimmer (see how much Jess loves me!?) and Hard Candy beetle from her, so I guess we are engaged now huh? ha ;) And from Traci I recieved Funky Fingers melted popsicle and favorite girl, and OPI merryberry mauve. :)

I don't have the names handy right off the bat for the Kleancolors, because well...they are all over a table in my family room waiting for me to make nail sticks out of them, so if you are interested in one, just ask me the color and I'll let you know!

Until next time! Happy painting :D

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