Sunday, May 13, 2012

Splatterday! Splatter mani!

Hey guys! Yes holy crap I'm alive, and this post is out of order (the two after it were actually done before this one :P) but I'm already a day late on it. I promise I'll be back soon! My last finals are Tuesday and Wednesday!

So a bunch of my fellow polish ladies did a "splatterday" for yesterday, but I was a bit late, better late than never right!? So everyone had some sort of splatter mani.

Messy you say? Why yes, yes it is! BUT I did the same trick a lot use for the water marbles, and taped up around my nails to catch the huge mess, and it did pretty good!

So yes my nails look different, I have gone to the dark side. As much as I tried my nails kept breaking just on the corners which meant I had to go back to nubbins over and over, I was tired of it, so yesterday I went and got acrylic overlay (this was the length of my nails already, with just corners missing, heh). They screwed up my cuticles (what else is new) so clean up isn't super perfect because the remover hurt *pout* BUT the splatter looks good!

The base here I believe is China Glaze towel boy blue (?) I got that put on at the salon, I used China Glaze OMG and Wet N Wild ink well for the black. Just used a normal bendy straw, dipped the end in the polish (on a plate) and tried to do a fast hard blow to get the polish out. Considering this is only my second splatter I'm pretty pleased!

OHHH I have picked my winners btw, I need to purchase the two gift certificates and I'll announce in the next day or two!

What do you guys think?

Until next time, happy painting!

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