Sunday, May 29, 2011

tattoos help heal the soul

I have always loved tattoos, I got my first one when I was 19, a tramp stamp of course, what else would you do at such a young age? Well here I am 8 years later with 10 total, once of which I have been wanting to change up for years.

After I got married to what is now my ex, I wanted a tattoo to symbolize a new beginning, so I decided on a koi fish, and stupidly I decided to get our wedding date under it. Yea smooth move exlax is what I was thinking...but oh well.

Today me boyfriend and I decided to go into a shop to speak to an artist about what we want to do for the tattoos for our son, well we ended up staying and getting tattoos, and not even the ones we went in to talk about, figures right?

The reminder of my ex douche is now officially gone! And I love what is in his place <3

I'll leave you with the before and after pictures of mine, and my boyfriends tattoos :D



and Dave's, before he just had the USMC and he added the bulldog :)
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  1. I love your's not a fan of Dave's, I think your's looks better. O.o' ... But I like the idea of his! LOL... if that makes sense? It still looks awesome, though!!

  2. that's what he wanted lol...he drew that up himself so the artist just did what he wanted :P

  3. OHHH, he drew it? Very good!! :O


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