Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My baby boy is one today!

My baby boy is one year old today, so I want to share my birth story, I just copied and pasted this from the original time I wrote it, I cannot believe it has been a year!

Sunday afternoon and night, I kept getting dizzy and noticed a bunch of swelling in my ankles, so it made me nervous enough for us to go to L&D. We got to the hospital a little before midnight, I told the nurse what was going on, she asked about the NST's that I had been having too. We let her know that Friday around 6pm I was about 2 1/2cm and 70% effaced, so she checked me, she told us we were now at a good 5cm and still 70%. Contractions were coming every 3 minutes and lasting between 60-90 seconds each.

Doc decided to admit us into our own room because they felt like I was in active labor. Once into a labor room and out of triage, my contractions kept up. Around 3:40am I needed to pee, so I got up to go to the bathroom, after using the restroom I stood up and had a trickle of water, I just thought I peed myself lol...I let the nurse know and went back to the bed. As soon as I got into bed my water broke! (big gush...talk about a weird feeling!!) I ended up having 3 big gushes total starting at 3:45am.

After my water broke the contractions became hell!! Before I was still at 5cm, by 6:00 am I was in so much pain that I asked for the Epi (I know I wanted natural but I know what I can handle...and there was NO way!) At this point I was already at 8cm. At 6:20am the Epi got placed, and honestly it didn't hurt like I thought it would!

They made me take out my belly ring and monroe piercing (my monroe is now closed *pout*) at 6:45, and at 7:05 baby mama showed up! Once the Epi kicked in I felt much better, and the nurses couldn't hear me in the hall anymore haha. I ended up getting a few short naps in. At 8:40am they checked me again and I was at a full 10cm, 100% effaced, but Brendan was only at a zero station. They decided to give me some pitocin to make the contractions stronger to get him further into the birth canal so I could begin to push.

12:10pm I started to push, and the Epi had just been stopped. I was okay at first and was told by the nurse that I was doing a great job pushing. About 30 minutes later I was in a ton of pain and couldn't focus on pushing good anymore, so they turned the Epi back up, but only enough to make some of the pain go away. Dave, Andrea, my nurse Donna (who was awesome!!!) and the Doc all said I was doing a great job pushing! My love Dave was also doing a great job coaching me!

At 1:50pm Brendan Patrick Watkins was welcomed into our world!!! *tear* <3 My little man was placed on my chest for some bonding time for about 45 minutes, he was grunting quite a bit at first so they wanted me to have more time with him to see if it improved before doing his vitals. After the chest to chest time, I breastfed him for the first time and he did great!!! After he was done we found out that he was 7lbs 2oz and was 19.5 inches long! Brendan is doing great, he is an awesome eater (that sounds weird lol) and doesn't have much problem latching, once in a while I need to readjust but it's not too bad Me on the other hand...eh...yea hes got a big head so I had/have a second degree perineum tear, and I also have a second tear right beside my urethra, so ouchy for me! All in all I am the happiest woman ever! I have the two best boys in the world and couldn't be happier!! <3 <3 <3
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