Wednesday, June 1, 2011

over it

I'm over "friends" the only real ones I feel like I have aren't in the same effing state as me. A few people that live here in town that I used to consider best friends have pretty much been missing in my life. My "best friend" works way too much, and when she isn't at work she is with her boyfriend, who annoys me. It sucks because I love her and miss her, and she is pretty much no longer in me and my sons life, when I used to see her multiple times a week.

Another one left her douche bag husband, and talked all kinds of shit about him, how horrible he was this that in the other, then took his ass back. And since then, I have seen her like 4 months. Keep in mind she lives like 5 minutes from me. I do NOT like her husband, at all. There is something about him that I cannot stand, that and he drinks too much. So I tell her I don't like him, I don't think he is good for her etc. and she's all "he's changed, and I don't drink anymore" and I don't believe it for a minute. She is an awesome strong woman, and he just idk how to explain it. She's not at her best with him even though she tells me "she is soooo happy" yea sorry I don't believe it.

I'm over it, I hate this town and most of the people in it. I'm tired of opening myself up to people, and then all of a sudden they don't give a crap anymore. I want people in my life that truly care for me and my family, and won't just disappear as soon as something else happens, real friends don't do that shit. End of story.

Oh yea and I'm sorry I don't want to get drunk with you and your husband and his rude obnoxious ass friends while your kids and mine are asleep, that is NOT my idea of good parenting.

**end of rant**
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  1. I am right there with you amber. I have other moms that I go to the park or beach with and I have friends that I go out to the bar with but I have no friends that just want to hang out with me. I had one but it seems she doesn't even want to talk to me anymore. She started hanging out with a group of people that I don't Care for and hasn't talked to me since.
    I don't mind drinking but I don't drink around my kids at all. She does. I saw her at the park the other day drinking a beer with her 6 week old in her arms. That's not my style. I said high and walked past.
    I've realized I don't need friends if they don't want to hang out with me AND my girls. I do have one girl that I just started talking to again after high-school she came over for a few minutes today to pick up some cookies and drop off an outfit for Danika to wear tomorrow to her preschool graduation. I'm gonna try to hang out with her and her daughter again.

  2. I love yooouuuu. I know what you mean about people like that. Some of my friends do not understand that I cannot go out and party, get drunk, and stay out at ungodly hours because I have Kenzi. Screw the people like that, though. You have people like me, Jessica, and others who are amazing!! It just sucks that we do not live closer.


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