Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a lot on my mind

Recently there has been a lot of my mind, mainly worrying about school and money :/ I got an email from the school saying that I'm over the 90 credit units so I cannot receive my grant money or loan money. So I freak out of course, turns out the count all my credits from the old school I went to back when I was a retard and never went to class when I was 18 :/

So I filled out a waiver yesterday, told the girl I had a 3.76 GPA and I'm president of the honor society in the fall and she thinks it should be no problem. I mean really if some of the people I know that have gotten a waiver can get one with all the classes they sucked so bad at, I should have no problem. Only issue is I won't find out if my waiver passes until right before the semester starts O.o Stressing me out!! I cannot afford $400 for my books without that money :(

Lets hope some crap works out for the good for once!
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  1. I hope everything works out for you sweetie. I am sure everything will, though! I have been stressing about getting my classes and everything as well. Supposedly I should be getting some good grants, and I just hope I don't get screwed over 'cause I definitely cannot afford paying tuition.


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