Friday, June 10, 2011

man it feels good!

I took Brendan on a walk today to Kohl's, there is one about 1/2 mile away. I had one of those $10 off a $10 or more purchase, so essentially $10 free, and being a woman I of course had to spend it before it was no longer good!

I went over to the women's section, because heaven forbid ANYONE with a shape try to go to juniors, nothing will fit! News flash! Girls have tits and ass, so make some clothes that are made to fit those parts!

Anyway, normally I get all my jeans and whatnot from Lane Bryant, well because since I'm a bigger girl and have a big butt, they are normally the only ones that fit me. I don't like their tops though btw, guess with big girl clothes you should have no shape just like juniors, weird how that works right?

So I grab a few pair of capris, I don't wear shorts so this is the closest I get. ALL of them that i grabbed FIT me! wth?! I am NOT used to that happening! Granted they were all size 16s, but my point is I was in a normal store, not in the big girls section, and they all fit me! :O

Needless to say I was a happy camper, I choose my favorite pair, picked out a frame for Dave for Father's Day that says "superdad: not all super heros wear capes" and got Brendan a red white and blue outfit for next month, the shirt says "I'm a great catch" with a baseball, cute right!?

I am very pleased with my shopping trip, only thing I didn't like about it was I tried on one of those long flowy summer dresses, SUPER cute on me, but damn if the thing wasn't a foot too long! Damn being short...
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  1. Good for you sweetie! Now if only I could do that. e.e'' I am so glad you are doing so well, though! MOTIVATE ME!!


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