Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Antique Roses

Hey guys! Here today with another fun spring mani! For this one I cheated a bit, I went to YouTube to check out the Cute Polish page for some inspiration. I thought the cute antique roses worked well for spring!

So this is super easy, you need a base color, a green for the leaves, and two pinks, reds or whatever color you want to use for the flowers. For mine I did two coats of Finger Paints blue raspberry taffy, geez this is a gorgeous blue! For the flowers I used (the lighter pink) Funky Fingers queen cupcake, (the darker pink) Finger Paints pop rock pink, and the green leaves are China Glaze entourage.

I really like it, it was quick which I always like and it looks very classic! You could make it super funky with some bright colors for the flowers too, I may do that later ;)

What do you guys think?

Until next time! Happy painting!

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