Friday, March 16, 2012

Super Girly Hello Kitty Nails!

Hey guys! Here today with something a little special. Rebecca over at Rebecca Likes Nails is doing a nail art contest for her favorite nail art things, which are gradients, animal prints, dots, Hello Kitty and bows. Knowing her a bit I also know she is obsessed with cupcakes just like myself, so I wanted to add that in as well!

I started with one coat of OPI DS reserve, sponged on OPI DS signature in the middle, and on the tips I sponged on OPI DS reflection. This on it's own was beautiful! But I wanted to go all out for this one! I started my nail art with the little Hello Kitty face on my middle finger, it's my first time trying to draw/do nail art of her at all so I think I did a pretty good job! Then I did a Hello Kitty bow on my thumb with OPI flower to flower (it's also the pink in the cupcake and the Hello Kitty) and then a cupcake on my pinky finger. I finished off with a leopard stamp on my pointer finger, and zebra stamping on my ring finger. My right hand I just alternated the two stamps.

Oh there are also little pink rhinestones in the middle of both bows :)

It's beautiful outside again today, so I took pictures in my front yard :)

So what do you think? I'm kind of in love with it!

Until next time! Happy painting!

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