Friday, March 9, 2012

Leprechauns, Clovers and Rainbows, ooooh my!!

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I know I broke the pattern a little yesterday just doing a spring mani, but I had brain farted a bit on St. Patrick's Day ideas! Today I figured out something to do ;)

I started out with two coats of Zoya Robyn and went from there, I honestly don't know if you guys want me to name every single color I used, heh, but if you want to know one in particular just ask and I'll let ya know ;)

Blue for St. Patty's Day you say? Why yes kind sir! I didn't want to stick with the green everyone does, so I figured a good sky blue behind a rainbow and things would work out well too :) I did my cute little leprechaun first, followed by the four leaf clover and rainbow with pot of gold. I started off just doing green with the four leaf clover then decided to do gold around it...I should have stopped while I was ahead, ha. I'm not sure you can really tell what it is?

Anyway I'll stop jabbering and leave you with the pictures!

What do you guys think?

Until next time! Happy painting!

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  1. I’ve featured ANOTHER one of your beautiful nail art designs on my recent post “Top 20 St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Ideas & Inspiration” here:

    If you create any more looks like this that you think fall into this category, post links on my Facebook wall or comment on the post and I’ll add them and the links in the post!

    <3 The Sparkle Queen

  2. SO CUTE! you did such a great job.

  3. This is adorable, fantastic job!

  4. Super adorable, great job on this one! Got my Pure Ice polishes from you in the mail this week, btw! Thank you so much!


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