Saturday, July 28, 2012

I feel naked!!!! Do you like these better?

Hey guys! Today I feel completely naked for the first time in about 2 months now I guess. Last night I took off my acrylics (shock! Awe!), yep I did it myself and it took about and hour because of how long I soaked them in acetone, but I didn't want my nails as torn up as they would have been had I gone to the salon to have them removed.

They were annoying me, so I just decided the hell with it! Because my nails curl in so much when they start to actually grow, the acrylic didn't want to stick around the edges and it was driving me nuts. Better for my nails to be naked anyway!

So after getting them back to what I feel is acceptable, I used the first of many polishes I got in a recent Brazilian swap. I received about 40 or more in the swap, so I doubt I'll get to all of them right off the bat, but she sent some amazing things!

Today's polish is Ludurana Magnifica which I used two coats of. No correct me if I'm wrong but to anyone that owns this, or this brand, do they smell like polish to you? I couldn't place the smell but it's not what I'm used to at all!

I'm blabbing now, this polish is a gorgeous light blue holographic, and my pictures do not do it justice as I needed to take pics outside in the sunlight but it was night when I took them :P But yea, I can't wait to drive and be completely and utterly distracted ;)

So guys, what do you think? Do you like my short natural nails, or acrylic nails better?

Until next time! Happy painting!
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  1. I love the short natural nails!!! And this polish is amazing!

  2. Your natural nails are beautiful! This holo is pretty great too.

  3. love this....also love the length and shape of your nails!

  4. Short and natural!! They look perfect!

  5. I love your nails! And this polish is amazing!

  6. I think your nails look great! :) polish.stunning.

  7. i like natural nails much better than acrylics or gel . yours look great and the polish is very pretty.

  8. Your own no doubt. They look healthy;and just let them grow out !! I have grown and embellished my own for 50 years. Pics on my facebook wall.
    I have been mesmerized by your site for nearly 2 hours now!! SOOOO MANY DESIGNS......SO LITTLE TIME!!! from sunny south ALABAMA
    back later!!

  9. I vote for short and natural. Like the polish although I don't look good in blue. Or I should say light blues; I have some darker blues that I love.

    from sunny south ALABAMA........Deborah


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