Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge, Summer Stylin!

Hey guys! Guess what? It's day 7 (or post 7) of the Neverland Nail Blog's summer fun nail art challenge! Today is all about summer style, something inspired by some sort or fashion you have seen somewhere.

Because I'm not huge on keeping up with fashion trends (let's face it, the 80s styles shouldn't have been around the first time) or what's on the runway, which recently seems to be old lady prints. I just kind of did my own thing! I have however seen quite a few different home decorative items that look similar to what I did.

So quick run down, I got my nails filled and cut down yesterday (yay!!) and me being a bit of a control freak from time to time, I took my own polish! I took with me Hits Atena, and she is currently on my toes as well as my fingers! She is too beautiful to part with so fast, so I just decided to stamp over her, since I got my set of the new Bundle Monster plates yesterday!!

I have tired to freehand a design similar to this before without much luck, so I was super excited to see this image on BM plate 314! Now be polite! This is only my 3rd or 4th time doing a full nail stamp, so I'm no expert (yet) but I think I did a pretty good job. Sorry about the not so great pics, The bottom one was with no flash and a bulb that should work as daylight, uh not so much, tips or advice there would be great!

Oh and this is two coats of Atena btw, and I used Sinful Colors black on black to stamp with :)

What do you guys think?

Until next time! Happy painting!

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