Monday, October 3, 2011

Naked nails!

Hey guys :) A few of you have asked to see what my naked nails look like, and let me warn you! It's not too pretty :P

I have a lot of staining from blue and yellow polishes (they are the debil!) due to the fact that I have yet to buy a treatment to help with that (anyone know of one that works super well?) So not only am I obsessed with polish, but because of how my nails looks naked I have to have them painted at all times lol.

So here they are, tada! Not too much to them, but I figured I would share the shame of stained nails :P You are not alone!! lol

Until next time guys, happy painting!

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  1. they arnt that bad, mine are stained yellow from when i used to smoke. you're so lucky to have such a deep smile line, my nail bed is really long and sucks big time.

  2. wow! you should buff them with a nail buffer, i found that really helpful to remove the stubborn stains as it just scratches them off the surface! :D

  3. Mine are stained too... Not terribly bad but I feel like they have to be polished at all times now!

  4. only buff (very lightly) if your nails are healthy and thick, Orly Cutique seems to be the go-to for staining.

  5. They aren't bad!

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