Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween pumpkin polish swatches!

Hey guys! I'm sorry I'm about a week late on getting these posted like I said I would, but they are here now! Woohoo!

Last week or so I got 6 of the pumpkin polishes people have been finding at random drug stores and grocery stores. They don't actually have names of the colors, they all just say "Pumpkin Nail Enamel" so I swatched the 6 that I have since it is officially October, it's time for all the good Halloween stuff!!

First up we have the glow in the dark ones, each of these is three coats.

They aren't too bad, and they glow pretty good too! It is next to impossible for me to get a picture of them glowing though, if you have a trick please let me know!

All three will probably end up working better over another color that isn't so sheer, on a good note, it seems like something in the glow polish makes them dry super fast!

These are the other three I received, which are all glitters :) Each of these is two coats, and all will work best over some other color.

So what are your overall thoughts on these? Any favorites?

Until next time, happy painting!

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  1. I want these! I keep looking for them, but no LUCK! But I know I wouldn't really use them but once! haha so not really worth the money.

  2. I love the glitter ones. I'm kinda disappointed that the solids were so sheer but maybe do a white base coat next time? I found these at Rite Aid for anyone interested :)

  3. My trick to taking photos of glow... Be REALLY still and hope it comes out lol


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