Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November Birchbox

Hey guys :) No nail mail today, but I did get my November Birchbox! Best part? There was supposed to be a mini Zoya, so we shall see if I got one!

For those of you that don't know, Birchbox is a company that sends out these cute little boxes once a month with really awesome samples (most of the time of really high priced fancy stuff! check out the prices on the card in the pic below!), it's $10 a month and it automatically charges and ships to you. Just a little surprise beauty box once a month :)

The items are in order of how they show on the list :) The perfume came with a postcard, and it smells sooo good! But then I saw the price of it and was like O.o so we might have to pass on that one! I took two pictures of the LaROCCA skin care to show that it has little tiny sparkles in it, and I'm stoked about the Zoya! Not only did I get a polish, but it's pink! woohoo!

Until next time, happy painting!

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  1. I'm supposed to get my first Birchbox this week! Excited! Do you do Julep Maven? I just got my first Maven box. Can't wait to see your swatch of Izzy!

  2. I got Zoya Noel, but nothing else the same! :-)

  3. All of my stuff was different too..I did get Zoya Holly though :)

    I also got spicy chocolate that had pop rocks in it in my box too...it was interesting lol


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