Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday dusty hunt!! EPIC!!!

Hey guys! I have thus far not had very good luck with dusty hunting, and it turns out, I was just going to the wrong salons!!

Today I had epic finds!!! I got all of these from THREE salons, amazing right!?

From left to right we have China Glaze, OMG, 2NITE, IDK, visit me in prisim, sour apple and shooting stars.

From left to right we have,dazzle me, blue moon lagoon (one for sale) sanderella, Catherine the grape, MPJ, Austin tatious turquoise, ds elegance and coral reef.

Everything I found today is either HTF, VHTF or discontinued! I am so excited and proud of myself, looks like I ended up having a good day :D

Until next time! Happy Painting!

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  1. what a lucky duck :)
    congrats to all the beauties!!!
    Amazinh haul!

  2. Awesome finds.
    I have Catherine The Grape on my WL.

  3. I really want to go dusty hunting, but I'm still so darn nervous just to go into a salon the first time! These are awesome finds :) Any tips, since you were clearly doing dusty hunting right?

  4. I am echoing Emma!!! What are some tips for dusty hunting? What kind of salons are the good ones to check out vs. the ones you were going to before??? I would love to know some great tips!!!!

  5. wow those were great finds!! sooo jealous!

  6. Damn girl! Take me dusty hunting with you, you have amazing luck! lol!

  7. These look like amazing in a bottle. Or many bottles. Super jealous!

  8. Super awesome finds!!! I'm so proud of you lol :P


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