Sunday, February 5, 2012

China Glaze Water Marble

Hey guys! Today is extra special, I'm actually pleased enough with my water marble to show it!!

Recently I was able to get my hands on (well more like the Ninja was) 6 of the China Glaze Kicks collection. These colors are awesome, seriously you NEED them, k?

I used one of the pinks, a green and a blue to do the marble. They aren't perfect BUT I think they look pretty damn good! I used a white base before dipping into the marble and then tada, beautiful nails they all the chicks at my gym were all talking about (seriously like 6 girls asked to see them).

Onto pics, for some reason my left hand ended up being more blue and green even though I did the exact same thing, weird right? But they still looked great!

What do you think? What colors or brands have you found that work well for marbling?

TUTORIAL will be posted for this on a separate link over by my stash list, wish list etc. Not a video, but pics to help you do this as well :)

Until next time, happy painting!

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  1. i did one with these exact same colors lolololol
    i also had success with them! but it wasn't as good as yours because it was one of my early attempts... ahaha

  2. actually no, mine had sky high tops as the blue!! now i want to try these three...

  3. Awesome colors and the marble turned out really nice!

  4. OoooooOooooo It's so pretty. Love this!

  5. Very nice!! I luv cheap polishes since they get so wasted in marbling. NYC, Icing, WNW and Bettina are all pretty Good for that :-)

  6. love the colour combo! so great :D

  7. This looks great!! I love the colors you used. So bright and fun!

  8. OMG! Wow... This looks amazing girl!


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