Monday, February 20, 2012

Ready for spring! Leopard nails

Hey guys! I'm going to start off with a quick funny story...we have an old house, there are cracks and little holes in the wall etc...saw what my old man describes (after he heard the story from me lol) as a "monster" running and hiding behind the stove...freaked me out because I wasn't expecting it! Well I set the no kill (I'm not a fan of killing cute little furry things, unless it's a cow or chicken because ommm nom nom) trap with some cheddar cheese in it. Later that night I hear it moving around in the trap, tell the old man to get a box so we can go release it in a field down the street. Soooo we put it in the box, and of course I want to see it. It's a super cute little brown mouse, and holy hell it scared the living day lights out of me! That sucker almost jumped completely out of the box, I had NO idea mice could jump like that. Needless to say the old man thought it was hilarious, and honestly I did there is your laugh for the day ;) There will be a pic of it at the end :P

So anyway, spring! I know it's a bit early but it's been a pretty mild winter were and flowers are already blooming. I wanted to do something fun and girly in spring colors. I choose to use Picture Polish Jade as my base color, I used WnW ink well for my black stamping, and the pink is China Glaze it's poppin.

Two coats of jade were used, took a pic in the sun to show the beautiful subtle shimmer *swoon*, it's a beautiful polish!

What do you guys think?

Oh and here is the mouse, in mid jump haha, this is what it did when I jumped about 3 feet backward!

Until next time, happy painting!

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  1. Your mani is AWESOME! Your mouse story had me cracking up lol. My husband and my first pets together were two little brown mice that we "saved" at the pet store from being snake food lol. They were just so cute and this guy had his snake with him and they were looking for lunch. I just couldn't let it happen. They were so cute...but like you, I wouldn't want them running around my house, I only want "domesticated" mice lol.

  2. Haha what a CUTE mouse! I used to have some. Now we have a hamster. She is a little brat if she doeskin get her way lol.

    Such a cute mani too!

  3. Gorgeous mani!!! Look at that little mouse O_o!


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