Thursday, February 2, 2012

Manglaze Matte Is Murder and Hot Mess

Hey guys! Here today with my first Manglaze polishes!! I got these beauties from Ace over at The Polish Lab, she's doing a fundraiser with polish, and all the money goes to charity :) I bought quite a few from her ;)

I've been drooling over Manglaze on Facebook for a while now, and for some reason I just hadn't gotten any, there is now a big need to add quite a few to my wishlist ;)

So with this mani I did two coats of Matte Is Murder, and then one coat of Hot Mess over my ring finger, for a little bit of bling! I'm not a really dark person, but damn did I feel hot wearing this!

What do you guys think? Do you have a favorite Manglaze polish?

Until next time, happy painting!

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  1. I love all my ManGlazes, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the new Santorum. It dries to this gorgeous velvety finish, which reminds me of the satiny glass Christmas ornaments we had on our tree when I was a kid. I want to paint a tiny velvet Elvis on it.

  2. I didn't like matte polish until I tried Manglaze. I haven't tried all the one I bought yet, so I can't really pick a Favorite. Fuggen Ugly is in the lead. Matte is Murder is hot on your nails!

    1. Thanks Jim :) I look forward to getting more of their polish! I'm lemming Fuck Off And Dye bad!

  3. I think I need this manglaze polish!

  4. Manglaze polishes look amazing! I wish they would ship internationally :/


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