Sunday, January 15, 2012

All 5 new Finger Paints flakies, and sparkle top coat!

Hey guys! Recently I was able to get all 5 of the new Finger Paints flakies, as well as the new sparkle top coat. My Sally's was nice enough to pull them out of the back for me before they were even supposed to sell them, so yay me :)

I heard that some people were getting them on discount, which was actually a mistake on Sally's and I guess lucky for those that did find them, but I paid full price, well with the Sally's card of course lol

I didn't want to swatch all five individually as that would have taken me FOREVER, and who has time? ;) So I did one on each finger, so this post will be pic heavy, but they are worth looking at!!

I have a base of WnW ink well (just one coat) and two coats of each of the flakies as well as my SV top coat.

From thumb to pinky we have motley, flecked, twisted, flashy, and asylum. All the pics are in that same order :)

After I had done all of that I decided I wanted to try stamping with one of the plates that came in a little stamping set I got from Rite Aid for Christmas. I don't actually have any "stamping" polish like the stuff Konad makes specifically for it, so the white isn't as opaque as I'd like it. This was also my first time doing a full stamp, and other than my thumb I think I did a pretty good job :) After I was done stamping I did the new Finger Paints sparkle top coat over it. It's really beautiful and fully worth the price! But it was hard to capture in pictures :P

So what are your overall thoughts on these new flakies? I haven't been a fan before now, but I honestly love all 5 of them!!

Until next time, happy painting!

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  1. Love the stamping with the flakies over it. Good job

  2. Your so lucky I went looking a few weeks ago and they were all sold out, was this just recently that yours had more?

  3. I love flakies... and this is such an awesome manicure!


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