Friday, January 13, 2012

The polish thief!

Hey guys! Special treat today!! I haven't shown pics of my polish thief in a while and I have some pics, so I figured I would spam my monkey butt today :D For those of you that don't know his actual name is Brendan, and he just turned 19 months old on new years eve. He LOVES my polish, and if I ever leave it out to where he can get it, he points says "yea yea yea" and screams when I hide them. Who knows, maybe he will be a famous makeup/nail artist? lol

Anyway this first set of pictures was from before Christmas, I had gotten & polishes from Leah Ann over at Llarowe for being runner up in her scavenger hunt on her page, I lost by only SIX seconds, so she wanted to give me a consolation prize, she is such a sweet woman!

He went with me to the mail box and sat eagerly waiting on me to open them. He took them all off the table and put them on the floor, and when I put them back on the table he had a fit!! lmao I have no idea why but it made me crack it horrible to laugh at your kid? ;) :P

This second set was recently when I got the three China Glaze Ulta exclusives that Lyncia sent me, at least my kid has good taste!!

Sorry for pic spaming my kid, but you have to admit he is really cute!!

Until next time, happy painting!

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  1. OMG he is soooo cute! My son does the same thing with my polish. I thought he couldn't open them and then about 2 months ago he opened a bottle of red polish and it now looks like blood drops all over my gorgeous hardwood floors!

  2. He is too freaking cute and he has very good taste which Im sure he gets from his mommy thanks for sharing this cutie Amber

  3. LOVE this! I have a 14 month old girl that is the same way about polish...she just loves it and feels so special when she gets her hands on my polish...not that I let her do that often because she knows how to open them!

  4. Yep.. it's all good until they learn how to open them...
    If/when he understands the concept of holding still and not touching nail polish as it dries he may like to have his toes painted. ;)

  5. Oh I will not show him how to get them's hoping he doesn't figure it out on his own!! lol

  6. I have one of those "polish theives" myself. Can't keep him out of them. Drives me crazy!!!!


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