Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So for those of you that don't know me, you have to know that I pride myself on being a pretty good baker, and my favorite thing is cupcakes! I used to make them allll the time, but not so much now since I'm dieting.

Well Dave (the old man) is obsessed with pb&j sandwiches, so I was like "hmm I should find a pb recipe and make him some cupcakes!" So I found some that looked good (granted I have never actually done made from scratch cupcakes before so I was a little ehh about it) and decided to make them while my munchkin was napping :)

So you also need to know, that even my kitchen apron is cupcakes!! Hand made by a friend of mine who owns her own business, she is fabulous! Check her out here Rockablanky

My fabulous apron!

Cute right? So anyway this was all the ingredients I needed (minus the butter, it was still in the fridge)

Batter, done!!

Peanut butter buttercream icing, done!

Cupcakes, DONE!!!

All cupcakes are a pb cupcake with pb buttercream, from left to right we have a chocolate icing filling, with cocoa powder sprinkled on top, grape jelly filled with a dollop of jelly on top, pb on pb with no filling, raspberry jelly filled with red berry sprinkles on top, and a triple pb with Reeses pb chips melted in the middle and the pb chips on top, awesome!!!

I texted a few of my friends because the batter made 32, yes 32 O.o cupcakes, and we do NOT need that many around here is all of them!

Anybody want one? I share! :D

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  1. Freaking yum! Do you feel like sharing the recipe? :D

    And you should check out this month's Scentsy warmer. It's a cupcake! And since it's mid-sized, it's only $22.50 this month. /end shameless promo

  2. Jenn I know!! It's on my wish list!!!

  3. Filled cupcakes?! Like really there's a filling IN the cupcake, like a doughut?! The triple pb sounds the yummiest! Can u jus possibly pack one up n mail it to VA, plz n Thx!!

  4. I'll take a triple pb please ;) They all look SO good!

  5. OMG! Can I have some cupcakes???
    It looks soooo yummy! (^__^)

  6. Looks DELICIOUS! And love that apron!


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