Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feeling animalistic today ;)

I was feeling a bit frisky today, so I decided I wanted to do another animals print, you can never go wrong with them!!

I got this beautiful gun metal grey color a few weeks back and have never worn it, so here was my chance!! The dark grey is China Glaze awaken, The black is Sinful Colors black on black, and the pink is Finger Paints watermelon watercolor. I used a small nail art brush to make the designs :)

I was being lazy so it's not the best picture of ChG awaken, but you get the idea, it is beautiful!! I LOVE it :D This was also before clean up so pardon my messyness!!

Then I drew on the black, and filled it in with the pink. I have done leopard print one other time, but I love this one too!

What do you think?

Happy painting!

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  1. Me likey I love pink and gray together

  2. They look good! I thought they were stamped... Great job!

  3. I really like those. Great Job!

  4. Pink and grey are always a favorite colour combo of mine! These look great girl:D


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