Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun Dip scented colors polish

So in my haul today I picked up some of those mini bottles that come in a 6 pack from a lot of discount stores, I picked up a Fun Dip version and a Razzles version, and I opened the Fun Dip set.

First let me start off by saying they smell amazing!! Even once they are dry with a top coat they still smell really good! Very surprising to say the least.

Now I wasn't happy with the brush, it was small and didn't spread out well at all, the colors went on very streaky, even after 3 coats still seemed to be that way, the yellow was the worst, I really like the blue and green though.

I did the colors skittles style on my fingers that way I wouldn't have to repaint my nails 6 times lol.







Full hand (minus the purple, since my hands only have 5 fingers *wink* )

And this was the set of colors

As you can see the colors actually dried a bit darker than they appear in the bottles, but overall not too bad for $3.99!

Happy painting!

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  1. Wow they look really good for scented polishes! The colours, do they all smell differently? They do look like good colours^^

  2. Yes Audrey they all smell different! The red is cherry, pink is watermelon, yellow is lemon, green is green apple, blue is blue raspberry and purple is grape :)


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