Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means I need to paint my nails pink! Just like in Mean Girls, the ladies at Polish-Aholics Anonymous wear pink on Wednesdays except ours in is in nail polish form ;)

So I need help! I have too many to choose from, so help me pick what color to do!

Keep in mind I do also have a matte top coat to change them up a bit ;)

and a close up of the swatches

if you couldn't see it in the picture the number zero is a crackle :)

So please help me choose! my brain is not working correctly today!

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  1. #3! what is it? it's so pretty!

  2. Cover Girl nailslicks in Very Berry :)

  3. I LOVE #1! You could do the minnie mouse but with pink instead of red :)

  4. #7 looks promising. I'm sure which ever one you choose will be great!

  5. Number 1 looks so pretty and I also love number 2 :D maybe a combination?


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