Saturday, July 23, 2011

epic cupcake FAIL!!! earlier today I decided I wanted to make some from scratch cupcakes again, decided I wanted to do a cookies and cream theme this time, because well honeslty I love cookies and cream. No biggie right?

So I find recipes that look good, go to the store and get the things I need that I don't already have with my stash of 47 hundred baking things.

Come back, we put our son to bed and I ask Dave to help me out since he's home, hmm.... Batter gets made and I he puts them in the oven, I didn't realize he put both pans on the same shelf in the oven :/

So they come out soooo sad, crispy on the edges, sunken in and the middles on some were still doughy *sigh* So I think "I can save these with the filling and icing!". So I finish up the filling which is like a marshmallow cream kinda thing, finish up the buttercream icing and add Oreo pieces that we crunched up really good and I start to assemble them.

Not too bad at first, I realize the recipe for the filling is about 100x the size it needs to be, guess my dogs are going to go into a sugar coma tonight once I put it on their food, either that or we will wake up to a colony of ants O.o yikes!

Once I put the icing in my piping bag and start to go, the first one looks okay, not as neat as I like them but good enough. Move on to the next, utter fail! Cookie pieces kept getting stuck in the tip and causing everything to look like a 5 year old did it, I couldn't keep it from happening so I said eff it and just plopped scoops on with a spoon.

Not the prettiest things in the world that's for sure, but maybe they will taste good right?

WRONG!! They are soooooooo sweet I'm pretty sure I just died and had to be brought back with a carrot stick, no freaking kidding this would put a diabetic on their ass, and into the hospital after that O.o

Maybe in different settings each would be good, but the combo of the three together is a no go.

I'm so sad :( I love to bake cupcakes and I normally take pride in them, love to share and show off. Not this time, so now I'm here with 23 of the worlds sweetest cupcakes. What do I do with them now???

Here's some pics just to give you and idea of the overall fail of a night of baking lol.

So we have the one that looked okay, what it looked like once you were into it, and what the rest look like *sad*

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  1. LOL that is too funny. At least they were too sweet and not salty? Once I tried to make red velvet from scratch and it turned out so oily =( It was disgusting!

  2. Haha, well sometimes it takes a second try with baking new things! In any case, the cupcake looks very perfect ;)

  3. it looks like ms pac man wants to eat the cupcake! haha

  4. Try again! The second batch should be amazing since everything went wrong the first time :)

  5. Aww I hate when after all that baking it fails, sorry after all your effort, but definitely try again and maybe jjust adjust some things to make it better^^

  6. @anissa hahaha!!! it does!

    I liked all three parts, but just not together, so next time I'll have to try something that is tasty but not so sweet, and add one of these sweet recipes to it lol

  7. awww i love cupcakes makes me sad it didnt work out, but at least now ya know and im sure they will be wayy better next time.


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