Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Sitting around online while my LO is sleeping looking through nail tutorials and pictures of what people have done, seeing blogs that are specifically for nails, holy crap I have nail envy!!!

This is bad, I feel like this could turn out to be something I would want to hid from people, like a drug addict hiding in the corner with whatever drug they use...except I'll be in the corner painting my nails all "leave me alone!!!! I HAVEEEEE to do this!!! just let me get my fixxxxx!!!"

Geez...damn all you creative people giving me more and more ideas....my old man is gonna kill me ;)
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  1. You do some really cool designs. I just want nail polish to give me fingers something else on them, lmfao... I think I'd just put black or something dark. Because I am so pale I don't think any other color would look good on me.

  2. Angela! You need some nail mail ;)


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