Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun With Striping Tape

Hey guys! Today I have something a little fun ;) I told you all in the last post that I wasn't done with what I called Rainbow Stained Glass Nails, I used some striping tape to create this look with inspiration to my childhood :)

Did any of you ever color paper with random colors, then color black over it so that you could scratch off the black and make designs? Well that's what I was going for with this look! I used one coat of Wet N Wild Ink Well over my already randomly colored nails and striping tape, pulled it all off and finished with a top coat.

It was pretty easy, since this was only my second time using striping tape I did have a bit of a problem with the tape itself, but other than that I was good to go! It's such a fun design that can be as random as you'd like it to be!

In the second there's a Crayola Color Wonder paper that my Monkey Butt (Brendan) colored on that has the same type of effect that the old school way of doing it does :D

What do you guys think?

Until next time! Happy painting!

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  1. Such a cool idea, it looks awesome!! I've done multi-colored manis under crackle and I love your spin on this!!

  2. Haha, love it! Definitely reminds me of the scratch art.

  3. So much fun! I like it a lot. Wonderful inspiration :)

  4. Love it! Looks just like scratch art :) but definitely more crisp and clean than mine ever looked as a kid :)

  5. Super cool! <3 this.


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