Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Neon Summer Starfish!

Hey guys! Here today with some more neon nail art :) This design comes from Sarah over at Chalkboard Nails, she has the tutorial for it here.

This was much easier than it looked, or it least it was in my case :P But it was too adorable not to recreate it! I did decide to use the same color scheme as Sarah because let's face it, she's one of the masters at this kind of thing, so I couldn't go wrong, right?

So I started with a base of Kleancolor Funky Yellow, I did have to use 3 coats to get it so it wouldn't be streaky which is a bit of a pain, but the super bright highlighter neon yellow is worth it! For the starfish themselves I used Essie Tour De Finance, and the blue spot on the starfish are Funky Fingers 220 Volts.

Just like my last mani, the color isn't 100% accurate even though I tried as best I could. Anyone have advice on photographing neon polishes? The pink and blue are color accurate, but the yellow isn't.

What do you guys think? Have you tried any of Sarah's designs?

Until next time! Happy painting!

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  1. This is gorgeous!!! I usually go in a dark room and turn on the flash on my camera to capture neons better =)

  2. I did this same mani too! It's so adorable and such fun!


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