Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pirate Treasure Map Tutorial

Hey guys! Here today with a new tutorial of my pirate treasure map nails. So many of you seemed to love them, so I figured I would show you how :)

I haven't figured out quite how to do a video tutorial yet so this one is just step by step pictures on how I achieved the look :)

First we have the materials I used to complete the entire look, Zoya Shay, Nubar Spark, Sinful Colors Mercury Rising, Wet N Wild Ink Well, OPI The Color Of Minnie, Migi Nail Art pen (the green side), nail art brush, nail dotting tool, makeup sponge and tweezers.

I started with two coats of Zoya Shay on all of my nails, or for this instance on 3 nails of a nail wheel. The easiest way I have found to do sponging is to use tweezers to hold a small piece of a makeup sponge that way I can get into smaller spaces without making a huge mess.

Using Nubar Spark I sponged around the outside of the nail, then repeated the process with Sinful Colors Mercury Rising. The first and second nail have just the Nubar, the third has both Nubar and Sinful Colors.

Using a nail art brush and Wet N Wild Ink Well draw an outline of a skull.

Using the nail dotting tool and the Wet N Wild Ink Well fill in the skull shape.

Once again using the nail art brush make an X under the skull, then using the nail dotting tool add two small dots at each end to make them look like bones.

Using the base color, and either the dotting tool or the nail art brush, add eyes, a nose and lines at the mouth. Then you're done with the skull and crossbones!

Using OPI The Color Of Minnie and the nail art brush, create random lines for the trail to the X that marks the spot.

Repeat the process on how ever many nails you want the trail to go over, then add a big X at the end. Using the nail art brush and Sinful Colors Mercury Rising draw a line for the tree bark, and with the Migi Nail Art pen green draw on a few branches for the palm tree. Using the dotting tool add a few little dots for coconuts on the tree.

And now you're done with the whole look! What will you find in your treasure chest??

What do you guys think?

Until next time! Happy painting!

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  1. Wow, I love these so, so much, I only stumbled upon your blog yesterday and had to follow it straight away! these look great, absolute stroke of genius! :D xxxxx

  2. That is so cool! Thanks so much for the tutorial!


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